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Articles associated with tag "3D MODELING"

Last month the 3D Printshow: New York 2014 (February 13-15, Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC) was in town. Gerhard thought that we should check it out.

From the brochure: "The 3D Printshow in New York is one of the most exciting shows to attend; a combined business,  arts, design, education and consumer event with cutting-edge technology, world exclusive features and some of the sharpest minds in the world of future-tech.  The NYC show will include some of the most incredible new content from around the globe."

One of the interesting concepts flouting around these days is the democratization of everything. Everybody can learn how to program, everybody can program a microcontroller like the Arduino, everybody can turn a single-board computer like the Raspberry Pi into whatever you want it to be, etc. And now everybody can print their own three dimensional objects. Move over Gutenberg!...

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