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Ops Divina - Mobile Site Version

Responsive Web Design

We offer the Responsive Web Design as the most innovative approach in web development. It is the approach when design of a web site reacts to the size of a user's screen.


Example of responsive website design: On desktops content organized in 4 columns, on laptops in 3 columns, on tablets in 2 columns, on mobiles in 1 column. You can view these changes if trying to change the size of your browser.

With the Responsive Design you have a lot of advantages, such as:

     - Better search engines optimization (SEO).
     - Increasing your reach to tablet and mobile audiences.
     - Saving time on site maintenance.

You have one web site version, thus, you can analyze all information that goes from one source and you save money and time on separate mobile development.

Mobile Version of Your Web Site

If you already have a web site and don't want to change it's design we can offer to develop a mobile version of your site.


Example: The website's engine detects mobile devices and shows mobile version of design.

We will create a mobile user interface in accordance with your existing website design that will be compatible with most mobile devices and tablets. Mobile version can be based on your current web site or has it's own code engine and content management system.

iOS and Android Applications

The other solution in mobile world is mobile applications. We develop mobile applications for the two most popular mobile platforms: iOS powered by Apple and Android powered by Google. Users can download your application on Apple App Store or Google Play online stores.

Mobile applications have some advantages to compare with online version of the site:

     - Offline browsing experience.
     - Privacy and security.
     - Unlimited design capabilities: using animation, video, audio elements.

The World becoming a mobile and if you don't have a mobile compatible web site you lose at least 50% of potential customers now! And try to imagine how many customers will you lose in a few next years...